The Senchuks Attend the 45th National Flute Association Convention

Did you know that Peter and Emily Senchuk, two of our Elemental Music Program Directors, are active performers and composers in addition to being incredible teachers? This past August, the musicians attended the 45th Annual National Flute Association Convention in Minneapolis, MN for performances of Peter's pieces by Emily's flute groups and other performers from around the world.

At every convention since 2010, Peter has had multiple performances of his works by Emily's groups, and also by flute choirs from around the country and the NFA's ensembles. Over the years, he has received many honors in their Newly Published Music competition. This past year, his Sonata for flute and piano won for the flute solo category!
Emily often performs with multiple groups at the NFA conventions. This year she performed the world premiere of Peter's Jazz Suite for flute quartet and also played with The SubCulture, a low flute ensemble which premiered Peter's Headwaters
Our students gain so much by being around teachers who are also busy professional musicians. We're lucky to have such multi-talented teachers as part of our Elemental Music family!
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